Functional Capacity Assessments

Do You Need to Reduce Long Term Absence?

Most employers are keen to address the problem of long term sickness absence because they know it can be a real burden on a business in terms of sick pay, and temporary cover. All businesses know that an effective system for managing absence makes financial sense.

Not Sure if Your Employees are Fit for Work?

If your employees are off work for weeks, months and even longer with problems such a back pain and rsi you will know it can be hard for employers to get the advice they need as to whether their employees are fit for work or not. Even medical reports don’t always give the information you want.

Can a Functional Capacity Evaluation Reduce Absence?

At WorkFuture we know how important accurate information is if you want to get your employees back to work. You need to know what jobs they can and can’t do. That’s why we offer Functional Capacity Evaluations (FCE). FCEs are a way of measuring what people can do. Many health conditions that result in long term absence can be assessed with a FCE, including

  • back pain, neck pain, whiplash
  • rsi or upper limb disorders
  • arthritis of the hip and knee joint
  • shoulder pain
  • following orthopaedic surgery

Using a Functional Capacity to Get People Back to Work

A FCE provides an accurate measurement of an individual’s physical capabilities. We use the latest in computerised technology to measure performance and to determine if it’s appropriate for an employee to return to work after an injury or illness. The technology can measure a range of work tasks including lifting, pulling, gripping, bending and moving so you, as an employer, will know whether the employee can do their job. And if not, what other jobs can they do and whether further treatment or rehabilitation would be helpful.

Which Employees Are Suitable for a Functional Capacity Evaluation?

Any employees who has a musculoskeletal problem that is affecting their ability to do their job. This includes

  • an employee who is on sick leave with no return to work date
  • someone who is having difficulties managing their work
  • an employee on permanent light duties

How to arrange a Functional Capacity Evaluation?

Call us on 0845 4507316

  • Speak to one of our friendly members of staff to discuss whether a Functional Capacity Evaluation is suitable
  • Let us know what work the employee needs to do
  • Our Occupational Physiotherapists will create a bespoke assessment based on the job
  • We will arrange the Functional Capacity Assessment appointment within 10 working days
  • A detailed Functional Capacity Report will be provided within 5 working days

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