Stress Risk Assessment TrainingHelping Employees with Mental Health Conditions?

Even for organisations that have good strategies to promote mental health at work it is likely that some people will still experience mental health problems. For a long time mental health has been overlooked and this has had a big impact on both the performance of individuals and their organisations. By providing a supportive work environment managers will be able to help staff stay at work and return earlier following absence.

How could training benefit employees with Mental Health Conditions?

Whilst we know that support from managers can make an enormous difference for people with mental health conditions, it is not always easy for managers to know how to broach the subject. It can be difficult for managers to discuss issues if they are not confident in having conversations around mental health. Providing managers with training and information on ways to help their staff will ensure early and timely support. This can range from knowing the early warning signs of distress, to signposting colleagues to appropriate support, or providing adjustments at work and return to work programmes.

Who should attend Mental Health Training?

This course is suitable for all managers or HR staff who want to know the most effective ways to support staff with mental health conditions.

What does Mental Health Training involve?

The courses are very interactive and are designed to give delegates a good overview of the key issues surrounding mental health. The trainer will employ a mix of group discussion, case studies, small group work, role play and visual presentations throughout the day.

Choose from our range of Mental Health Training.

Mental Health Awareness - 1 Day
An introduction to mental health conditions
• How are mental health conditions diagnosed?
· What are the pros and cons of diagnosis?
· What are the causes of mental distress?
· Signs and symptoms of common conditions: anxiety, depression, OCD
· Signs and symptoms of severe conditions: bipolar disorders and psychosis
· What is a personality disorder?
· How are mental health conditions treated?
· What can people do to help themselves?
· Where to go for further information and support?
Managing Stressed Staff – 1 Day
• Work related stress and the affect on mental health
• Signs and symptoms of mental health issues including stress anxiety and depression
• Managing stress at work with SHIFT model and HSE Stress Standards
• Early intervention and disclosure
• Support and reasonable adjustments
• Managing absence and performance
Understanding Depression - 1/2 Day
• Understand the causes of depression
• Aware of the symptoms and signs of depress
• Treatment and supports self help – wrap, crisis plans
• Experience of people with depression
• Resources