Sickness Absence ReferralsHow much is sickness absence costing your business?

Everyone has days when they are ill and unable to go to work but employees who take frequent days off work or have long periods of absence are very costly for businesses.

Top 4 causes of absence from work

• Back pain & musculoskeletal injuries
• Stress, Anxiety + Depression
• Skin problems
• Breathing problems

Are you Unsure how to Deal with Employee Absence?

Managing employees with health issues effectively and taking the right steps to get them back to work can be time-consuming and difficult. You might know that managing sickness absence is important in reducing costs and improving productivity but without professional help it can seem impossible.

Steps to Minimise Sickness Absence at your Workplace

If your business has employees absent with health concerns or their health is impacting on their performance, you may need to refer them to occupational health. Occupational health has been shown to be effective in keeping people at work and reducing the cost of absence.

Follow our steps for effective absence management?

WorkFuture has a simple 4 step plan to help your business manage its sickness absence and provide significant savings for your business.
Step 1. Identify Absence Triggers
Step 2. Prompt Intervention and Referral
Step 3. Advice and Treatment
Step 4. Rehabilitation and Support

What makes an effective Sickness Absence Referral?

We know that delays in making appointments and sending reports are frustrating for managers. That’s why at WorkFuture we aim to provide you with an appointment within 10 working days of your Sickness Absence Referral and to report back to management within 5 working days of the appointment.

Our Sickness Absence report will provide clear and expert advice to help you take decisive action. Our Absence reports include
• Fitness for Work of the employee
• Any restrictions that may apply
• Return to Work Date
• Likelihood of Further Absence
• Implications for Equality Act 2010

We also try to reduce unnecessary cost and delays by only requesting GP/Specialist reports when it’s absolutely necessary. And if required we are happy to provide telephone support to HR and Managers in order to ensure a resolution.

How to Arrange a Sickness Absence Referral?

Call us now on 0845 4507316

  • Speak to one of our friendly members of staff about your Absence Management
  • Let us know what type of health assessment you would like
  • We will arrange the appointment to suit you and the employee
  • Our reports will be sent within 48 hours unless consent is required

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