World Hepatitis C Day

28th JULY 2017 What is Hepatitis C Hepatitis C is a virus that is transmitted by blood exposure such as unsafe injection practices in medical treatments (usually in developing nations), injecting drug use and less commonly through sexual activity. Some people will spontaneously clear the virus, but most people (55-85%) will develop chronic Hepatitis C…

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Dry January for Businesses

What’s your approach to alcohol? After the excess of Christmas many people consider cutting back on their alcohol consumption. Dry January, where you abstain from alcohol for a month, is a campaign to highlight some of the issues surrounding alcohol use and abuse, and at the same time raise s money for Alcohol Concern. Could…

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Ebola: is your business at risk?

The Ebola epidemic has been ravaging West Africa and media headlines alike, but what is the risk to the UK? Public Health England states that the risk of Ebola in the UK is low. Not only that but the risk of transmission within the UK is very low, due to the implementation of screening procedures…

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