Mental Health AssessmentsAre your employees struggling with stress?

We can probably all think of times when we have had difficulty coping with problems but when individuals experience stress for prolonged periods it can be overwhelming. Sometimes it can reach a point where it affects their health and their ability to work. If the stress is severe enough then the employees may need to take time off work and this often results in long term absence.

How can you deal effectively with absence from stress?

Often, the early signs of stress are largely ignored, and this can lead to prolonged periods of stress and the risk of developing depression or anxiety. The scale of the problem is often not recognised until the individual is unable to work – and by that point the employer can be left feeling that there is nothing they can do. 

Can stress counselling help?

If your staff are suffering with stress it can be useful for an employer to be able to offer professional support and advice. Counselling is an effective way of supporting individuals by providing them with new skills to help change their behaviour and reduce the effect of stress. With the extra support your staff will learn how to cope and be in a better position to avoid the situation in future.

What are the benefits of stress counselling?

Providing Stress Counselling is a way of investing in your employees’ mental well-being. The reduction in absence alone would more than justify the expense of a short course of counselling but there is the additional benefit of improving morale in your workplace, complying with legislation and, more importantly, improving your employees’ resilience and ability to cope with the pressures of work and life in general.

To arrange Counselling for your staff

  • Speak to one of our friendly members of staff about our Workplace Stress Counselling Programme
  • Let us know whether you would like an off-site or telephone Stress Counselling Service
  • Complete an Stress Counselling referral form
  • Your employee will be contacted with 48 hours to arrange their Workplace Stress Counselling Programme

See our Workplace Stress Counselling Case Study

Download a Workplace Stress Counselling Referral Form