Workplace Massage WellbeingWhy Use Workplace Massage

As the work environment becomes more stressful with continuous restructuring and budget cutbacks, its more important than ever to reward hard working staff.

Are your staff struggling with their workload?

Long hours of computer work can cause stress, fatigue and discomfort. If your staff are under pressure at work and need a boost to help improve performance than a workplace massage programme may be just the thing.

How does an On-site Massage benefit my Employees?

Reducing tension and stress in the head and shoulders can improve your employees’ concentration and sense of wellbeing. On-site  Massage programmes are the perfect way to help staff relax and unwind. Workplace Massage programmes are not only very popular but very cost effective, with costs from as little as £8/person.

How does a Workplace Massage Work?

There a number of ways to integrate a Workplace Massage into your workplace.

1. On a weekly or fortnightly basis a workplace massage to provide regular benefit.

2. During an intense work period when employees are under pressure or have deadlines to meet, where a Workplace Massage can provides a stimulating break and can re-energises and motivate your staff.

3. As part of a reward and incentive programme to thank staff for their commitment to the organisation

4. As part of a Health & Wellbeing Day where an On-site Massage is an extremely popular and fun way to engage with employees.

What does a Workplace Massage involve?

Chair massage is a clothed, non-oil treatment of the back, shoulders, neck, arms, and hands. Clients are comfortably seated on an ergonomically designed massage chair, while the therapist employs pressure work to ease muscular tension, fatigue and discomfort. Our therapists carry full professional liability so you can be reassured your staff are in the best possible hands.

The therapist will always tailor the massage to an individual needs and with no oils and no need to undress, chair massage is the perfect treatment for the office environment that leaves employees feeling revitalised and invigorated for the day’s challenges.

To arrange a Workplace Massage in the Workplace?

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