Looking for Ergonomics Training?

Looking after the safety of your employees is a legal requirement. Part of the requirement is to provide Risk Assessment Training to ensure your staff have the appropriate skills to carry out Health & Safety Risk Assessments.

Not sure what Ergonomics Training you need?

Employers know they need to invest in their staff and provide them with appropriate skills but not everyone has the in-house expertise. That’s why you want your Ergonomic Training to be run by professionals with expertise in the area of Ergonomics

Using Ergonomists for your Ergonomics Training?

Our Ergonomists are registered with the Institute for Human Factors and Ergonomics, and are members of the Occupational Health & Safety Consultants Register. This ensures we maintain the quality and expertise of our Ergonomic Training that you deserve.

Choosing your Ergonomics Training?

Whatever Ergonomic Training you need, whether its a standard course or a bespoke training course, our Ergonomists have a track record in delivering quality health and safety training

Choose from our range of Ergonomics Training Courses

How to arrange your Ergonomics Training?

  • Speak to one of our team about the Ergonomic Training you need
  • Select a suitable date and training venue
  • Our Ergonomist will provide all the handouts, presentation guides and attendance certificates
  • Ensure everyone knows about the practical aspect of the training