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Do you have problems with Manual Handling

As an employer you probably won’t be surprised to hear that back pain is one of the biggest causes of sickness absence and lost productivity. One of the reasons back pain causes such problems is that it is often associated with long term absence of not just days and weeks but even months off work. And as all employers know, absence is costly.

Why do you need Manual Handling Training

Because back pain is such a common occurrence with eight out of 10 people having back problems, many employers aren’t aware of the simple steps they can do to prevent it and to save their business unnecessary expense. The impact on a business of absence from back injuries is a significant loss of productivity.  Anyone involved in the moving and handling of goods and people could be at risk. Back pain and injuries result from the moving and handling of loads, even light loads if they are carried out in poor conditions. Poor ergonomics and workplace layout can also be a factor in many hazardous manual handling tasks.

Manual Handling Training can reduce the cost of back pain

One way to promote a safe working environment and protect your business is with manual handling training. If you want to avoid back injuries, absence from work and possible litigation than effective manual handling can help. Manual Handling Training will help your employees to work without risking an injury.

Ensure your employees work safely with Manual Handling Training

Many businesses are under the assumption that manual handling training does not apply to them because they are working mainly in an office environment, but, back pain can be the result of repeated of twisting, stretching and poor biomechanics rather than one particular incidence.

Protect your business with Manual Handling Training

By reducing the number of back injuries at work you will not only improve your absence levels and productivity but you will also be complying with health + safety regulations. Its important to remember that employers are expected to prevent ill health from work and Manual Handling Training is one way an employer can demonstrate their compliance under the Manual Handling Regs.

What does a Manual Handling Training Course provide?

Our Manual Handling Training courses are run by health professionals with specific ergonomic & health & safety training. All our Manual Handling Trainers are experienced in the prevention and management of back injuries in a range of sectors including healthcare warehousing, manufacturing.

All our manual handling workshops include a large practical session to ensure participants learn effective lifting techniques and how to lift, carry, and move objects safely.

Our manual handling course can be tailored to your exact needs, from a one-hour office information course, or a two-hour workshop best suited to an industrial/warehouse environment.

All manual handling training can be carried out at your premises at a time that suits you. This will help minimise any disruption to your business. All that’s required is a small, vacant office or room.

To arrange your Manual Handling Training

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  • Speak to one of our team about the Manual Handling Training you need
  • Select a suitable date and training venue
  • The Ergonomist will provide all the handouts, presentation guides and attendance certificates
  • Let everyone know about the practical aspect of the training

Download our Manual Handling Course Outlines

Course Content
Course Details
Back Pain       Causes of back pain. What are the common injuries for back pain and what can individuals and work do to reduce the incidence
ErgonomicsErgonomic principles. How to use them at work.and home to reduce the risk of back and other musculoskeletal injuries
AnatomyUnderstanding the mechanics of the spine- what puts strain on the body and why. How to improve your fitness and handling ability
Lifting TechniquesDemonstration of lifting + handling techniques. Look at various issues at work involved with carrying, lifting,  handling
Work IssuesIdentifying possible problems at work. Workplace layout , position of load , storage of items, distance carried etc
Changing HabitsChanges at work- easy ways to make lifting and handling lighter. Changes in lifestyle to improve performance.
Practical SessionPractical session in the workplace. Working in pairs to improve performance through feedback
SummaryVerbal test/question + answer session
Manual Handling Training Course Details
This course is designed to make employees aware of the risks of injury and ill health from lifting and to provide them with the skills and knowledge they need to ensure they can work safely and efficiently.
Manual Handling Course Content
Health effects of lifting and carrying
• Causes of ill-health from lifting and carrying
• Principles of ergonomic lifting and moving loads safely
• Practical techniques for one person and team operations
• Identifying problems at work
• Practical solution to manual handling problems
Manual Handling Course Details
Course details
Manual handling Training takes ½ day
Each session will take approximately 14 people/training session.
These courses are best conducted on-site where manual handling is performed