Looking for Ergonomic Assessments for your workplace problems?

Do you feel there are problems in the workplace that you haven’t been able to solve? Maybe you feel there are too many injuries in a particular area, your employees are complaining about their work or they are not achieving performance targets.

Not sure when to use Ergonomic Assessments?

Perhaps you have undertaken risk assessments in the past to try and solve the problem but you’re still not sure exactly what to do. You may even be uncertain as to what it would involve or who is the best person to help!

How will you benefit from Ergonomic Assessments?

Professional ergonomic assessments and analysis are a good way to invest in your business. Problems that reduce efficiency and performance can be quickly resolved, leaving everyone to get on with their work. Its an effective way to reduce the costs of injuries and absence, as well as possible litigation.

Getting the most out of Ergonomic Assessments

To address problems in the work place you need to know that the professionals you use are highly qualified and experienced. They need to be registered members of the Institute for Human Factors and Ergonomics for a start, and should be registered on the Occupational Health & Safety Consultant Register – OSHCR. As experts in the field of injury and work, WorkFuture Ergonomists are ideally placed to provide you with simple, cost-effective ergonomic assistance in a range of areas including
• Ergonomic Manual Handling
• Driver Ergonomic Assessments
• Ergonomic Workstation Assessments
• Ergonomic Disability Assessments
• Ergonomic Risk Assessments
• Ergonomic Training

How to organise your Ergonomic Assessments?

Speak to one of our Ergonomists about your concerns and issues. The Ergonomist will provide you with guidance as to the work involved and costs. They will undertake an on-site visit to carry out the survey at a time suitable to your organisation. The Ergonomist will analyse and complete the Ergonomic Report within 5 working days. We provide Ergonomic Services in London, Manchester, Leeds, Derby and Nottingham

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