Nurse-led Occupational health

Is your Occupational Health Service effective?

Employers know they have to protect their employees and that occupational health is an effective way to reduce absence and improve performance.

Worried about the costs of an Occupational Health Service?

So how do you ensure you receive a professional independent occupational health services that is cost-effective for your business?

Have you considered a Nurse-led Occupational Health Service

Using a nurse-led service to deliver your occupational health service can offer significant savings for your business whilst still providing you with the professional and qualified service you need. A nurse managed service can provide an affordable service thats tailored to your business.

Using a Nurse Led Occupational Health Service for your business

Our nurse led service can be arranged from as little as 1 day/month to a full time team of nurses. Your on-site occupational health nurse will be supported by a range of off-site professionals including an Occupational Health Physician and health professionals such as physiotherapists, counsellors and ergonomists to provide additional specialist support. Occupational health nurses can effectively manage most business requirements including.

  • Case management
  • Absence management
  • Health Surveillance
  • Return to Work programmes
  • Occupational Health Audits
  • Workstation Assessments
  • Wellbeing & Health promotion
  • Request medical reports from GP & Consultants
  • Advice on reasonable adjustments for rehabilitation
  • Advice on reasonable adjustments where the DDA may apply

To arrange a Nurse-Led Occupational Health Service

Call us now on 0845 4507316

  • Speak to one of our occupational health nurses
  • Our occupational health nurse will visit your workplace
  • An Occupational Health Needs Assessment and report undertaken
  • You can see what specific Occupational Health Services your organisation needs.

See our Nurse-Led Case Study