Workplace Hearing Tests

Employees working in noisy environments may be at risk of losing their hearing. Hearing Loss is a permanent condition that cannot be treated which is why its important to identify the problem early and prevent further hearing loss.

A Workplace hearing test or audiometry should be taken at the start of employment to establish the employees’ baseline hearing level. This helps to determine whether there was hearing loss before starting with the current employer. Future hearing tests are done at regular intervals throughout the employment.

WorkFuture Ltd offers on-site workplace hearing testing. These take 15-20 minutes, are completely painless to the employee and involve minimal disruption for the employer

Why do Workplace Hearing Tests

The hearing test service is designed to ensure that Employers comply with the Noise at Work Regulations (2005) and protect their employees if they are exposed to noise. The new Noise at Work Regulations (2005) came into force on 6 April 2006 and these regulations have tightened the rules and lowered the noise exposure limits.

Can you do On-site Hearing Tests?

At WorkFuture our Occupational Health Nurses use a portable hearing system with sound excluding headphones that can be used in a quiet room. This allows us to perform hearing surveillance to the new HSE/ Noise at Work Regulation guidelines on your site and at your convenience without the requirement of a cumbersome acoustic booth or an expensive mobile unit.

What does a Workplace Hearing Test involve?

The Occupational Health nurse will need to review a hearing questionnaire completed by each individual undergoing a hearing test, as well as perform an examination of the ear. The employee will then undergo the audiometric test which will be thoroughly explained by the Nurse. At the end the Nurse will explain the results and inform the employee when they need a repeat hearing test. If the test shows that their hearing has been affected than the Nurse will refer the employee back to their own GP for further investigations.

What happens after the Workplace Hearing Test?

At the end of the testing session the health & safety/human resource manager will receive a Fit for Work Certificate for all the employees who have passed the screening test. The company will also receive a Health Surveillance Report identifying any concerns and advising the company if there are any follow up actions required.

How do Workplace Hearing Tests benefit our business

As well as ensuring your organisation complies with the legislation the hearing test is useful in other ways. It will help provide you with a

1. Warning if your employees are showing early signs of hearing damage.

2. An opportunity to do something to prevent the damage getting worse such as

  • check there are no defects in hearing protection
  • ensure employees are wearing the ear protection you provide

3. Provide evidence that your control measure are working

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