Employee Health & Wellbeing

Is your employees’ health and wellbeing important to your business?

They always say that your employees are your most important asset so perhaps you could show them your appreciation by investing in their health and wellbeing. Its a good way to let them know how much you value them.

Not sure how to help improve employees health at work?

We all know we should do more to improve our health, watch what we eat and exercise more but there never seems to be enough hours in the days. Sometimes we simply don’t know where to start.

Using health professionals to improve health and wellbeing at work

Having trained professionals to run Health and Wellbeing Programmes in the Workplace can be just the thing. Everyone needs a little nudge in the right direction. Our qualified staff will measure your employees health status, identify possible issues they could improve, and provide them with an action plan to motivate and encourage lifestyle changes.

Motivate, enthuse and engage your employees!

Health and Wellbeing Programmes in the wokrplace are a good way to boost morale. They are fun, engaging and your staff will enjoy the extra attention. What sort of Wellbeing event would lift the mood of your staff?

Choose a Wellbeing event for your workplace

Our range of services means there is something for everyone. You can choose from

  • Individual Workplace Stress Counselling
  • Individual health screening with a personal coach
  • Workplace Massage
  • Wellbeing Workshops covering lifestule issues such as smoking, diets and exercise or
  • Activity Taster Sessions to demonstrate the wide variety of ways staff can exercises. Its all up to you.

Have a look at our Wellbeing workshops

   Screening Tests                                  Seminars                                     Activity

Blood Pressure Healthy Eating Nordic Walking
Body Fat Content Weight control Yoga
Waist-hip ratio Getting Active Pilates
Step-test fitness Smoke Free Relaxation
Lung Function Healthy Heart Salsa Dancing
Cholesterol Sleep Well Body Combat

To arrange a Health and Wellbeing Programme in the Workplace?

Call us now on 0845 4507316

  • Speak to one of our friendly members of staff about your Wellbeing programme
  • Let us know what Wellbeing services your employees would like
  • We will provide all the information and equipment for your Wellbeing Day
  • Wellbeing Day review and comments will be provided at the end of the day

See our Health & Wellbeing Case Study

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