Fit for Work Medicals

Are your Employees Fit for Work?

Do you know if your employees are fit for the work they do? Perhaps they have existing health problems that could be made worse by certain jobs. If so, they could be putting themselves and you at risk?

Could your Employees’ Health affect your Business?

If an employee is not suitable for the work they do, then there is the risk of future ill health and absence. If you are unsure of their suitability for the job then you need professional advice.

Why should you use Employment Medicals?

Employment Medicals are a way of protecting your workforce and should be a part of your organisation’s risk assessment process. If your employees are at risk of injury than your business is at risk of litigation.

What do Employment Medicals involve?

Our qualified Occupational Health Advisor will assess an individual and the work they will be doing. The assessment will include physical and mental capabilities, existing and past health conditions including medication and previous employment risks. The Advisor will then provide the employer with a report.

The report will indicate one of the three outcomes
Outcome 1 – Employee is fit for work
Outcome 2 – Employee is unfit for work
Outcome 3 – Employee is fit with restrictions

Choosing the Medical Assessments your business need

There are many different Medical Assessments available, some are required by law, and others are simply recommended as good practice. Our Occupational Health Advisors will tailor the Medical Assessments to your business and provide a cost effective service that benefits both your company and your employees.

Statutory Medical Assessments

Fit For Work Medicals

  • Fork Lift truck medicals
  • Working at height
  • Confined Spaces Medical
  • Food Handler Medicals
  • Breathing apparatus
  • Asbestos Medicals
  • Drivers PSV/LGC/Vocational Medicals
  • Display screen equipment

If you would like to arrange an Employment Medical

Call us now on 0845 4507316

  • Speak to one of our friendly members of staff to enquire about employee medicals
  • Let us know what Employee Medicals you require
  • We will provide a convenient date for on-site or off-site Employee Medicals
  • Our Occupational Health Nurse and all the necessary equipment will be provided.
  • Fit for Work reports and results will be provided at the end of the clinic

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